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Tips to Outclass Your Competition – Gestures around the world

“When in Rome, do as the Romans” applies when you work with global diversity. Body language accounts for about 55% of all communication, so your actions speak louder than your words. Because there are no universal gestures, and even sign language has different meanings, let’s not say the wrong things with our gestures.

  • Since WW II, V has meant “victory” all over the world. In most of Europe, unless your palm if facing outward – the V sign is the equivalent of the third finger – or roughly, “Shove it.”
  • In Taiwan, blinking at someone is considered impolite.
  • In some countries, head tapping means “I’m thinking” and elsewhere it can mean, “He’s crazy.”
  • In America the two-finger circle means “Okay.” In Brazil and Germany, it is considered obscene; in Greece and Russia it is considered impolite; in Japan, it signifies money; and in southern France, it means “zero or “worthless”
  • Snapping the fingers is considered impolite or vulgar in most countries.
  • In most countries, pointing with the index finger is considered impolite; the open hand is better
  • In Australia, thumbs up is a rude gesture, in most other places it means, “okay.”

    The world has arrived-on your doorstep. If your business is going to be successful, you must be sensitive to and aware of differences. To avoid embarrassing miscues and to succeed in the international arena, visit http://www.protocolplus.net/seminar/international.html.

    The Coach’s Corner – Play to win!

    Moving forward and winning your game is the true purpose of coaching. Some people call the game “goals.” But goals usually go by the wayside and are forgotten because they seem like work and they are usually far off – out in the ethers somewhere. They are hard to hold on to and we become bored.

    What if you reframe your goals into a thought called your “game?” It then becomes fun to define the game, the players, the scorecard, and what it looks like to win. It becomes fun to play. You get to keep score and see what a daily or weekly win looks like. And even if you loose for a day, or a week, it’s still a win if you learn a lesson. You learn, you re-strategize, and you play again. What was the last game you won? How did you feel? Hold that feeling of fun and winning and let’s go for the win again.

    Coaching questions:
  • What is the game you want to win?
  • Who are the players?
  • Why is this game important?
  • What does the scorecard look like?
  • What does winning look like?
  • How will I feel when I win?

    Coaching helps you define your game, the players, the rules, and scorekeeping. As your coach, we can collaborate and design your winning environment. Call today for your no-obligation, coaching session. This 30-minute confidential session will give you the experience of coaching. To schedule your session, call 405-341-3216. I am here to help you win.

    Quotes of the Month

    "There is a certain strong sense of inner conviction that strikes, with a pang as that of birth, through the very soul, and which is experienced but once or twice in a lifetime”
             --- E. M. Delafield, 1923

    “Shall we make a new rule of life from tonight: always try to be a little kinder than is necessary?”
             --- J.M. Barrie (The Little White Bird)

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