E- Zine - August 2003


Tips to Outclass Your Competition – Wait for the bell!

I recently attended a dinner dance. There was a social hour before the dance. Everyone was mingling and the wait staff was presetting the salads. I just happened to look over and noticed one of the guests sit down and eat his salad. No one else was sitting down, nor had the dinner bell rung. He finished his salad and rejoined the group. I saw the wait staff's mouth drop when she returned to the table with the rest of the salads. She deserves an "A" in my book because she removed the empty salad dish and returned with another salad. She wanted all of us to come to the table that was perfectly set.

One of my motto's is "Look around before you do something. If no one else is doing it, it's probably not a good idea." Now there's another saying, "Being the only voice in the wilderness doesn't necessarily mean you're wrong." Use your common sense and awareness.

I was speaking to a woman from Russia the other evening and she told me of a recent date. She was eating Continental Style - leaving the fork in her left hand, tines down, to eat. Her date asked her if she were left-handed. He was not aware of Continental Style dining. She became confused because she was not familiar with the American Style of dining - switching the fork to your right hand. She told me she was very uncomfortable and the evening was a disaster. Her date acted as if she were doing something wrong. By the way, those of us in North America are the only ones who eat American Style. Which style of eating do you use? Would you like to learn both ways?

Dining skills are the most visible signs of your manners and they speak volumes about you. They may seem like insignificant bits of knowledge, but knowing correct manners puts you at a distinct advantage both professionally and socially. If you want to polish your dining skills to have total confidence dining anywhere with anyone, call Gloria at 405-341-3216. This is a very important social skill that can make or break the contract, sale, the relationship, and even the date. We can have a group or individual dining experience on site or arrange for a private room at a local restaurant of your choice.

Because of growing readership and response toward Etiquette and Coaching, I am now offering a special Etiquette/Coaching Package. If you are interested in learning how to recognize and appreciate the differences in behavior and dining styles, and experience three complimentary coaching sessions, please visit http://www.protocolplus.net/schedule.html.

Customer Service Techniques – #1 Lunch faux pas.

According to a poll conducted by The Creative Group of Menlo Park, CA., being rude to a restaurant employee is the No. 1 reason a business lunch goes bad. What are some other reasons a business lunch can go bad?

  • Arriving late. -- Be punctual. I suggest you take all possible telephone numbers with you when leaving for a lunch meeting. Take the number of the restaurant, and office and cell number of your client. If you have a problem, at least you can contact them.
  • Bad table manners. -- Enough said - we've all seen this - and it's a real turn off.
  • Dressing too casually - What you wear tells the other person what you think of yourself and the other person. Show respect by wearing business attire.
If you take clients to lunch or if someone takes you to lunch, knowing the rules puts both of you at ease and goes a long way toward forming a positive working relationship.

To learn the key ingredients for a successful business lunch, and to have a great dining experience, call 405-341-3216 today.

The Coach’s Corner – Helicopter view of your life.

Sometimes clients get stuck in a "frame" and can't see the bigger picture. A coach can offer a "reframe" by helping you see things from a different perspective. One way to do this is by inviting you for a helicopter ride. We both go up about 5,000 feet and look down on your situation/life.

Coaching questions:
  • What do you see from up here?
  • How do you feel about what you see?
  • Is there a pattern here?
  • What's another choice for you?
  • What works for you?
  • What will this look like 6 months from now?
  • How do I get from here to there?
When you can see what's next for you along your path, a plan is automatically created, and it pulls you forward naturally.

If you want to make significant changes in your life, hire me as your coach. Our coaching relationship is powerful, and when the going gets tough we stay in collaboration and work through to the other side. As your coach, you have my word that I am 100% committed to you being powerful, successful and to having the life you want.

To experience three complimentary coaching sessions, please visit http://www.protocolplus.net/schedule.html for information on my Etiquette/Coaching Package.

Quotes of the Month – Invest in yourself.

"Don't limit investing to the financial world. Invest something of yourself, and you will be richly rewarded."
         --- Charles R. Schwab

"Can I look at myself not just where my shadows are, but where my strengths are?"
         --- Jean Houston

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