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Tips to Outclass Your Competition - Techno-Manners for 2007

The following is an e-mail between my son and me.

Me to son: Just got back today. Met with my client yesterday for a few hours and then spent the night. Talk to you later. Love, Mom

Son to me: Spent the night with your client? Love, Son

Obviously I left out a few details. Yes, e-mail is extraordinarily quick, easy and convenient, and at the same time, a time-eating monster and a venue for miscommunication.

Reducing e-mail overload requires netiquette knowledge and taming your senders. Mind your e-mail manners and re-train your senders with these tips:
  • Read your e-mail before pushing the send button. You can’t unsend. (This rule might have avoided the above miscommunication with my son.)
  • People scan their e-mail by subject so make sure your subject attracts your reader. Summarize your message in the subject line and change the subject line when the topic has changed.
  • When you forward an e-mail, delete all of the other addresses. Respect confidentiality of addresses.
  • When sending an e-mail to more than one person, use the BCC (blind carbon copy). This way people see only their own e-mail address.
  • Beware of petitions. Professional spammers collect addresses this way.
  • The shorter, the better – under 20 lines – maximum one page.
  • Block times each day to read and answer e-mails. Let people know that if they need to reach you immediately, they should call you.
  • When reading e-mails, close your office door and turn off the phone. Interruptions cost more time in the long run.
  • When someone sends you a long-winded e-mail, respond with a simple statement. People will quickly learn not to expect huge answers from you.
  • Don’t send anything through e-mail you wouldn’t put on a postcard or company bulletin board.
  • When in doubt – don’t send. Save it and read it later.
  • Don’t let technology control you; you control and utilize technology.

    Remember you are dealing with real people with real feelings. Be on your best netiquette behavior and don’t let convenience supplant courtesy. If e-mail is a primary means of communication within your organization, Protocol Plus has a 2-hour seminar in techno-manners that will train your employees to use technology to support your business and not sabotage your efforts. Call 405-341-3216 today to find out how you can bring Techno-Manners to your organization so you can start 2007 with your best techno-foot forward. Yes, manners still count – and that includes techno-manners!

    The Coach’s Corner – Start the year with an Environmental Scan

    How about an “environmental scan” to start the year to see if your environments are supporting you? When we think of environments, we usually limit our thinking to our physical environment. But there are many environments that can help support your success. Here’s a little visualization to help you get started.

    Relax, get comfortable and close your eyes. Remember a time when you were energized and excited about life. Now look around you.

    Coaching questions:
  • What do you see?
  • Who are you with?
  • What are your relationships like?
  • What activities are you engaged in?
  • What type of nature is surrounding you?
  • What’s happening in your professional life?
  • What talents are you using?
  • What are you thinking?
  • How’s your physical health?
  • What are you doing?
  • Who are you being? Anchor the feeling you are having right now. How did you get to this energized, excited place? What were the steps you took? You can recreate this place by duplicating the steps. You just have to surround yourself with environments that will support and sustain your success.

    If you would like to do a full environmental scan to see what is supporting you and what is holding you back, I can help. To recharge and energize your life, call today for your no-obligation, coaching session. This 30-minute confidential session will give you the experience of coaching. To schedule your session, call 405-341-3216.

    Quotes of the Month

    "Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it."
             --- Isaiah 30:21

    “You are meant to be whatever you dream of becoming.”
             --- Edmund O’Neill

    Ask the Expert -

    Sign on Texas Highway I-35: Drive Now – Talk on Cell Phone Later.

    Not so fun stuff, but for real stuff: Air Force Cell Phone Restriction:

    “Using a cell phone while driving (on an Air Force Base) without a hands-free device will be considered a ‘primary offense.’…a ticket may be given to the driver for each violation.”

    Source: Tinker Retiree Newsletter Fall/Winter 2006

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