E- Zine - July 2004


Tips to Outclass Your Competition – #1 Secret of the formal place setting.

Do you know when you sit down to a formal place setting, you can tell exactly how many courses will be served? The place setting is like a map. The #1 Secret of the formal place setting is: You will receive exactly as much silverware as you need, arranged in precisely the right order.

Choosing the correct silverware is not as difficult as it may first appear. First use the silverware from the outside, working your way in with each course. As each course is finished, the silverware will be removed with the dish, leaving you ready for the next course to arrive.

The dessert utensils may be brought in with the dessert or they may be part of the initial place setting, placed horizontally over the plate.

Dining skills are vital in both business and social settings. Being comfortable with your dining skills allows you to relax and enjoy your meal. To gain utmost confidence in your dining skills, call 405-341-3216. Never again be unsure of yourself at the dining table, but rather be gracious, poised, and confident.

Customer Service Techniques – How present are you right now?

I knew I had gone too far with multi-tasking when I drove through the Chick Filet drive through. I was talking on my cell phone and driving – not a smart thing to do. I drove up to the window, and ordered a chicken sandwich. The woman said, “We don’t have chicken sandwiches.” I said, “Sure you do, I have a coupon for a chicken sandwich.” She insisted, “We don’t have chicken sandwiches.” I replied, “Well, what do you have?” She answered, “Tacos!” I was in the Taco Bell drive through. “I’ll have a taco” I said and sheepishly drove to pick up my food. I asked her if this had happened before. She replied “No.” She could have lied!

I may be the Queen of Multi-tasking. but I’m definitely not the Queen of Multi-thinking. Cheryl Mann, www.goalsinsight.com wrote an article recently that shifted my thinking. Cheryl writes, “For those of you who can relate, the good news is that it is possible to be a recovering multi-tasker and still be extremely productive and effective! Over the past few years, I’ve experienced the benefits of slowing down and being present to one task at a time, and it has made a huge difference in my life and in the lives of those around me. When I am mindful at work, I am fully present and focused on one client in that moment. When I am mindful at home, I am fully present and engaged in a conversation with a loved one.”

Tom Cruise’s character in “The Last Samurai,” describes the concept of mindfulness of the Japanese people: ‘when something is done, it is done to perfection.’ When Tom is losing a fight, one of the watching warriors tells him: ‘too many minds!’ ‘No mind’ brings him fully into the present moment, and allows him to finish the fight in a draw instead of defeat.

I made a promise to Cheryl that I was giving up my title as Queen of Multi-tasking. I’m starting small by completely turning off my e-mail except for 3 times a day. No more “on demand” e-mail for me. It is amazing how much more I get accomplished. If you want to join me as a “recovering multi-tasker,” I invite you to share your triumphs and tragedies with me.

Notice how present you are at any moment. Give a gift to yourself, your customers, and your loved ones – be totally present. Notice the difference it makes.

The Coach’s Corner – People are doing their very, very, best.

One of the 15 coaching frameworks (or way of thinking) is “People are doing their very, very best, even when they clearly are not.” If someone is not doing their very best, it is because they have a need, and it is up to us to fill that need. When you look at life this way, compassion, empathy, and respect are the norm.

There is a recent study on acts of loving kindness and how it affects people. The study shows that when someone is the recipient of an act of loving kindness, their serotonin and immune levels rise. A provider of a kind act experiences the same thing. What is really amazing is that an observer of an act of kindness – also has their serotonin and immune system raised. Just by one act of loving-kindness. Love people not because of who they are, but because of who you are.

Coaching questions:
  • How do I feel about this framework?
  • Does this framework offer a bigger picture for me?
  • How can this framework make a difference in my life?
  • How can this framework make a difference in the lives of others?
  • Who can support me to shift my way of thinking?
To discover and redesign your frameworks for key shifts in your life, call for your free no-obligation, coaching session. This 30-minute confidential session will give you the experience of coaching. To schedule your complimentary session, call 405-341-3216.

Quotes of the Month –

“If you have anything of importance to tell me, for God’s sake begin at the end.”
         --- Sara Jeannette Duncan

“The golden rule is of no use to you whatsoever unless you realize that it is your move.”
         --- Frank Crane

Ask the Expert - Handling meeting disrupters.

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