The Top 10 Ways to Work a Room

Entering a room full of strangers is not a favorite past time of most people. According to statistics, 40% of adults have social anxiety and 75% of all adults experience anxiety at a party with strangers. If you feel anxious when invited to an event, you're not alone. Follow these 10 top tips to help you successfully work a room without working up a sweat.

  1. Almost everyone watches the entrance to the room - use it to your advantage.

    Stand up straight, walk INTO the room, pause, scan the room and allow others to see you.

  2. Don't rush for the buffet or bar immediately.

    It's counterproductive to your agenda of meeting new people and making contacts.

  3. Find the host shortly after arriving to thank him or her and to make your presence known.

    It shows you are a team player and supportive of the event.

  4. Approach someone standing alone or groups of 3 or more.

    Avoid two people since they may be deep in conversation and harder to approach.

  5. Offer a firm handshake to say hello and good-bye. Women and men should stand for all introductions.

    This shows respect for you and for the other person.

  6. Wear your nametag on the right-hand side of the shoulder area so it is in the line of sight when shaking hands.

  7. Don't carry anything in your right hand.

    It should be free for handshaking. Holding a glass in your left hand also avoids a cold, wet handshake.

  8. Introduce yourself by saying - Hello, I'm John Doe from Citizens Bank.

    The other person will then say his name and place of employment giving you an opening to move beyond introducing yourselves.

  9. Ask open-ended questions - how or what - rather than - do or are you - which may simply give you a - yes or no - response.

    Focus more on the other person than yourself. Think - there you are, not - here I am.

  10. Act as if you belong there.

    Socializing is supposed to be enjoyable. Have fun!

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