Protocol Plus
Etiquette and Protocol Training
for Professional Development

How to Succeed in the International Arena

All people are the same. It's only their habits that are different.
- Confucius

Let this quote serve as a reminder that in a global economy, cross-cultural awareness is no longer optional. It determines who gets the contract. It is vital that every contact with a client be a positive one. HOW TO SUCCEED IN THE INTERNATIONAL ARENA is a must for those who want to avoid potentially embarrassing and costly miscues when dealing with foreign cultures.

Topics of instruction include:
  • Your target country
  • Pre-meeting strategy
  • Rank and status
  • Forms of address
  • Business card savvy
  • Communication styles
  • Conversation, space and gestures
  • High and low-context cultures
  • Effective Gift Giving
  • Negotiating strategy
  • Continental and American Table Manners

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